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The plane on the trip to Russia over the Bering Sea

Welcome to the Rescue Story

In August 1993 on an ordinary day, a small plane ran out of fuel 45 minutes into a 75 minute flight and had to make a crash landing. The fact that everyone on board survived may seem like a small miracle or maybe no miracle at all, just pilot skill. But consider this: the plane ditched in the Bering Sea, off of Alaska, 2 1/2 miles from the nearest land and 22 miles from their destination. The plane did not carry a life raft or life vests; the water temperature was in the 30's. [If you are interested click here to see the current water temperatures in a new window courtesy of]

God's finger print

All of the passengers survived the crash and swam in the near arctic waters for up to 70 minutes. Here are just some of the divine circumstances without which all would have perished:

  • The plane did not break apart upon impact as it could have
  • Everyone was able to get out of the plane in 30 seconds
  • Two, not one, helicopters were available
  • The winds were 20 knots out of the northwest; almost every other day in the summer they are from the southwest. If they had been blowing as usual, the wave action would have been such that they could not have been rescued. (The word of FAA)
  • They lived beyond "the limit" by two, three and four times

Take your own trip inside to find out more about the story, meet some of the survivors, see news clippings, video and audio plus a photo album. Discover how this mission trip to a small, remote village in far-eastern Russia has turned into a far-reaching ongoing blessing and testimony to the grace and power of God.

"If anyone feels as if they are emotionally drowning and they are just going under, the same powerful God who rescued us and brought us back can bring people back to wholeness." Dave Anderson

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